How Tradebank of Panama City makes Barter work for the Automotive Industry

When it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle or even getting repairs on an existing vehicle, the sheer number of dealers and repair centers in the marketplace can be intimidating to the consumer.

As a business owner in the automotive industry you understand the importance of word-of-mouth advertising and the need to develop a loyal, repeat customer base.

As a Tradebank client, you will receive new, incremental business – business you would not have received if you were not a client of Tradebank. In addition, because Tradebank clients look to do business with other Tradebank clients first, you will have the opportunity not only to obtain new customers, but also to retain them, which will provide your business with a competitive edge in your marketplace.

If you find that you have idle inventory, empty bays or available appointments, let Tradebank bring you the new, additional customers you need to keep inventory moving, your bays full and your employees busy.

Instead of spending cash on your common overhead expenses such as advertising & marketing, printing, uniforms, building and property maintenance and employee incentives you can now utilize your new trade revenue and keep your most valuable resource – cash – in the bank.

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How Tradebank of Panama City makes Barter work for the Health and Medical Industry

Tradebank knows those in the medical and health care fields must combine their medical practice with sound marketing and business practices as well. As a Tradebank client, our barter professionals work with you to gain a return on the investment you’ve made in your business and create that balance between patient retention and growth.

Our experienced sales and marketing personnel provide you patient referrals and increase your billable hours. Many of today’s small and medium businesses must rely on self-insurance programs to offset high medical premiums. They look to Tradebank to help them use barter to pay for their preventive, acute and chronic medical care.

As a Tradebank client you are able to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, boost your sales and increase your profits by offering your products and services to our clients.

The new revenue generated from Tradebank enables you to offset overhead costs such as printing, building maintenance, advertising & marketing, professional services, travel and other needs that you currently have no alternative than to pay cash to acquire.

How Tradebank of Panama City makes Barter work for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in which to be involved. It is an industry that takes a great deal of business savvy in order to be profitable.

Restaurateurs are constantly faced with pressures of competing with other independent restaurateurs in addition to corporate owned restaurants with virtually endless advertising and marketing budgets. Then comes the challenge of turning new customers into repeat business.

As a Tradebank client, restaurateurs can add a powerful marketing tool to their business which is guaranteed to bring you new customers. These new customers will simply be filling otherwise empty tables, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your resources and showcase your restaurant to a larger audience.

Also, this new business will provide you with valuable word-of-mouth advertising which will inevitably result in new cash customers as well.

Are you finding that your restaurant is open, but often under capacity? Tradebank brings you the additional customers you desire while assisting you in lowering your overhead expenses, improving your cash flow, and increasing your cash profits.

Call 850-399-1046 to speak with a Tradebank of Panama City representative and see how to tailor a barter strategy to improve your sales and profits.

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